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We work with owners looking to maximize their property returns, minimize their operational costs, and alleviate the burden of selling or leasing their properties – with our fit-for-purpose, strategic approach that we tailor and manage to suit their needs.

Strategic marketing campaign – tailored to suit what is best for you and your property goals, and focused on achieving the maximum result.

Engagement – You will have a dedicated team of two directors talking directly to buyers and undertaking all follow up – critically – we will be negotiating to get you the maximum price for your property.

Operational efficiencies – ensure the streamlining and coordination of various operational requests throughout the sales process.

Leasing? We can help there too. Elevate also offer extensive appraisal services for discovering just how valuable your rental property is, and calculate what you should expect in return.

We want a relationship, not just your business. At Elevate, we believe that retaining a client is just as important as gaining new ones. When we deliver on your sale, let us continue serving you – we can comprehensively manage your property affairs.

We are very honoured that you’ve given us the opportunity to discuss the sale of your home – we would be even more honoured to demonstrate our capability in selling it on your behalf.

To organise a meeting or have a discussion, simply fill out the form below, call (02) 8315 2070, we’d love to hear from you!

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