Leasing Process

Leasing a property is a great way to receive an ongoing passive income, while increasing the worth of a property portfolio. The challenging aspect of leasing is that you need to consider the human element. Most issues that arise from low tenancy, poor Tenant choice, or high turnover of Tenants, generally comes down to inadequate property management.

Partner with Elevate, and you can be assured our stringent leasing processes will attract and secure the best Tenant for you.

Our Process, at a glance:
  • Hold a consultation with you to discuss your leasing opportunities with us
  • Build a customised profile for your property, promoting its potential
  • Arrange photography, property details, and inspection dates
  • Upload your property to leading real estate websites and platforms
  • Intake applicants and narrow down prospective Tenants for your review
  • Manage contractual and legal agreements between you and the Tenan
  • Manage ongoing relationship between you, your property, and the Tenant
Elevate will find the best Tenant for you

With Elevate, you can rest easy, knowing that your dedicated leasing consultant and property manager are here to professionally and promptly tend to the needs of your property.

Your Elevate leasing consultant is committed to matching the needs of prospective Tenants. Other agency’s practices may allow for Tenants to become lost in the noise, and miss out on leasing opportunities. We Don’t.

We are here for both the Tenant and the investor, promoting a healthy relationship that has mutually beneficial outcomes for all parties involved.

Attract the best, with competitive marketing

An effective leasing campaign comprises of these three attributes; exposure, convenience, and continuity. With Elevate, your property will receive a tailored, expert profile which best characterises it for prospective Tenants.

Once completed, your property will be uploaded to leading real estate websites, with prescribed dates for inspection, contact with Elevate, and any further information required to secure a Tenant sooner.

Be prepared to negotiate.

The rental market in Sydney has undergone significant change, and a by-product of this shift are savvy, strong minded Tenants, who may challenge the terms of a lease. Elevate specialises in hearing and, if approved, adhering to the conditions Tenants might make during the process, and cohesively communicate these to you to ensure a healthy relationship is sustained.

We will do the best by you to get the best for you.

We require all prospective Tenants to consent to reference checks with prior agencies and employers, to ensure their rental history does not jeopardise you or your property. We also request correct documentation in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act, along with other supporting material that improves the Tenant’s chance of securing a lease. This allows us to profile Tenants to find out which ones best suit your property, and minimise the risk of selecting an unfavourable Tenant.

To ensure Elevate meets the standards of the Residential Tenancies Act, and excel at delivering the best possible service, we undertake the following:

  • Conduct a detailed property report, which must also be completed by the Tenant
  • Video and photo footage are recorded to ensure the true condition of your property
  • Bond is collected from the Tenant and held in the event of damage, or other circumstances where the Tenant fails on financial components of the lease
  • Copies of all relevant lease documentation is provided to the Tenant, so they are aware of the conditions they are subject to

Communication is key. Mastering the relationship between Tenant and Landlord is something Elevate pride themselves on. We believe that with the right attitude, efficient systems, and most importantly, direct communication between our clients, we can deliver mutual benefits to all involved.

Want to learn more about our leasing process, or considering Elevate as your agent or property manager? The team at Elevate are here to help! Call 1300 65 75 35, or email us at admin@elevatepg.com.au. We’d love to hear from you!

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