Sydney’s property market is an exciting and engaging platform, and market trends indicate it’s worth considering selling your property to take advantage of the opportunity. But with so much competition flooding the market, you need to ask yourself:

  • How can I differentiate myself amongst other Vendors?
  • What can I do to maximise the return on my property?
  • Who can help me determine what my property is worth?

Focus equals vision. Selling a property requires the right team with the right strategies. Embarking on such a venture alone will more than likely lead you to financial and legal headaches. This can even happen when employing an agent, if they are not dedicated to you and your potential sale. This is why you need focus, and choosing the right agent for you and your property is the wisest first step you can make.

Partnering with Elevate, you can be assured that our focus is selling your property, with your satisfaction our driving force. We are here for you every step of the way, seven days a week, ready to meet your needs.

The price must be right

Achieving the maximum return on your property is something Elevate strives towards. It is important, however, to recognise that favourable market conditions mean you must price your property competitively. What might seem like an ambitious demand can sometimes become too unrealistic, which means your property’s place in the market will stagnate.

Our team here at Elevate have a comprehensive understanding of the Sydney market, and our unrivalled experience means we can accurately gauge and modify how your property performs.

Want to find out what your property is worth? Click here to review our appraisal service, and find out!

You get out what you put in.

It may sound simple, but optimising your property to attain the best possible price often begins at the humblest of beginnings. Making your property inviting, liveable, and relatable to prospective Buyers can have detrimental effects on how well it performs.

Upkeep of maintenance, removing personal or unusual belongings, and even scenting your property are all ways that allow Buyers to envision themselves at home, and can lead to a surge of bidders wanting to keep that feeling. Unsure on what you can do to improve? Elevate can hire a stylist for you to capture the unique qualities of your property, and promote the selling point we aim to achieve for you.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Sometimes capturing prospective Buyer’s attention cannot be done with even the most creative descriptions. They need to see it for themselves. Ensuring that your property is listed with the most impactful photographs can turn heads, and drive sales.

Lighting, scaling, disturbance, and angle are all techniques skilled photographers use to capture masterful photos, and working with Elevate, you can be sure that your campaign is backed by captivating photos of your property.

A little tidying can go a long way.

A thorough cleaning can work wonders on any property. This part of the process will be cheap, but it will take some considerable time and physical effort to do right. Focus on cleaning all the places of the property that you can see, as well as all those hidden corners that you can’t see.

Get behind the stove and refrigerator and move furniture to clean what lies underneath. A clean, tidy home with everything in working repair will help you get the best possible selling price.

After more tips, or do you want to discuss how Elevate can sell or lease your property? The team at Elevate are here to help! Call 1300 65 75 35, or email us at [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you!

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