I am always hesitant to send too many emails to our network; however, now more than ever, we believe effective communication is essential.

For Landlords/Owners – 

We are carrying on calmly and professionally. Yes, there are reasons to be concerned, but no, we will not be panicking. It is our responsibility to continue to manage your homes and investment properties effectively, and that’s what we will continue to do.

In response to the media hype concerning rent freezing etc, we have responded to tenants asking for their patience and understanding as the situation evolves. As you will no doubt be aware, we are currently awaiting a clear statement on the government position regarding rent assistance, and we will be guided by further updates when they are forthcoming.

In terms of rent reductions, we are not agreeing to any rent reductions unless tenants can provide evidence that they have been directly impacted through job loss or income reduction. Naturally, we will consult with the owners before agreeing to anything.

As you can imagine, we’ve had numerous requests of this kind (as have most real estate offices), but we will only respond to the question of rent assistance once Government bodies provide us with clarification.

Please rest assured that the health and safety of all stakeholders and your income are our priorities and any repairs and maintenance issues will always be communicated to you. If you would like to see our official line in communicating to tenants, please contact me directly.

–         Repairs. Non-urgent repairs may have to be postponed, depending on tenants’ willingness for trades entering the home at this time

–         Routine inspections. These are currently suspended until further notice

–         Open homes are cancelled. Private appointments are continuing with measures in place to honour social distancing and to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 (please contact us if you would like more detail on this)

For Vendors/Sellers

With open homes now banned, private appointments are still proving effective, and there are several positives: We have a greater ability to engage with prospective buyers, only serious buyers will attend, and we can better understand a buyer’s motivation when we have this more personal opportunity.

Please note that private appointments conducted for sales will, of course, be subject to the same health and safety measures outlined above. We can also conduct online auctions and selling prior or expressions of interest campaigns can be considered. As always, realistic price expectations, beautiful marketing and effective communication all go a LONG way to getting a positive result.

Our latest listing here attracted 30 emails in one day and six private appointments all before the first Saturday. We have handed out several contracts, but price will be a factor.

If you have any questions, I have found ‘Zoom video chat’ very helpful, but the old-fashioned phone is also good.

Lastly, we are a lean and efficient agency and we have the wonderful ability to work from home using our online 24/7 access software (also available to owners and tenants). So, work carries on, and urgent matters such as key pick-ups are handled safely and securely. Our physical office is closed for the moment, and if the situation escalates, we will contact you once again.

Importantly, stay safe and #stopthespread

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